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About us

We are on a mission to create a sustainable future – one driven by clean, green energy. We source and develop projects in deepwater offshore wind with leading global partners and combine competencies and experience from five decades in the offshore industry to scale and industrialize floating offshore wind in a sustainable way.

Aker Offshore Wind was formally established in the summer of 2020, following an incubation period of a few years at Aker Solutions. Aker Horizons’s ownership has provided the company with another set of critical skills and support in the start-up phase. The network in the wider Aker group of companies, from Cognite and Aize to AkerBP, is a benefit to Aker Offshore Wind and supports its sustainable growth.

In the summer of 2022, the shareholders of Mainstream Renewable Power and Aker Offshore Wind entered an agreement to combine the two companies to create a stronger renewable company with a 27 GW portfolio across solar, onshore wind and bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind projects. The strong industrial logic for combining Aker Offshore Wind and Mainstream includes complementary footprint and capabilities, increased scale, and improved access to financing to create a frontrunner in offshore wind.

We have the needed experience and technologies to shape new frontiers and unlock vast amounts of energy production with minimal environmental footprint. By using field proven, robust and proprietary technology coupled with data-driven models to optimize operations and reduce environmental impact, Aker Offshore Wind aims to be a driving power in the industrialization of deepwater wind. With operations in Norway and globally, and a portfolio of development projects and prospects in Europe, North America and Asia, we are perfectly positioned to take an early mover position in the development of large-scale deepwater wind farms across the globe.

With value creation as our priority, we will grow value milestone by milestone and project by project, expanding capability and reach a solid platform of performance. We prioritize local job and value creation, and actively developing local supply chains ensuring strong stakeholder management in order to add value to the communities we engage with. Aker Offshore Wind is building a strong partnership ecosystem with insights from a global network in key markets, and aims to be a leading partner in symbiotic, green economies.

Core values